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Crypto Grant is group company of 1500+ strong professionals and 2 mega data center’s parent Cyfuture with experience of over 5+ years in Data Center Industry serving 100,000 Customers.

Our crypto trading team came from different scientific disciplines and constantly monitor latest innovations and implement them in order to benefit investors. We have large-scale industrial data centers with state-of-the-art technology to host the diverse and complex trading environments. At Crypto Grant, we’re using world’s best ASIC (Application specific integrated circuit) and GPU (Graphics processing unit) machines to generate best returns with high efficiencies.

Our state-of-the-art cloud trading data center offers a great option of Bitcoin trading or other cryptocurrencies with minimal expense and risk.

We make sure that our trading partner provides warranties for the trading equipment and maintenance. We keep on evaluating the best solutions so that we can provide the excellent capacity, speed, and performance. Crypto Grant provide a wide range of services, including :

- Different Hashpower with 99.95% Uptime
- Instant Coins Deposit to the Account
- Excellent Efficiency with Upscale Equipment
- 24/7/365 Technical Support

Founded in 2013, Crypto Grants is one of the independent branded cryptocurrency trading platform. Headquartered in the City of London, we are present in over 20 countries. We provide a unique global perspective through our global investment networking. This puts us in an excellent position to address the increasingly global needs of our clients.

With a global perspective to crypto investment, our service delivery and investment management best practices reveal that we play a key role in investors lives, which provides a solid foundation for our core brand idea and value proposition Realising Ambitions..

-Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading is done by specialized computers. The role of miners is to secure the network and to process every Bitcoin transaction. Here in Crypto Grant we achieve this by solving a computational problem which allows us to chain together blocks of transactions. For this service, we are rewarded with newly-created Bitcoins and transaction fees.

-Hardware Delivery

Trading is popular today and offers excellent opportunities to earn extra money. Crypto Grants has been the reliable address for competitively priced cryptominers. Because we only supply profitable products, our customer base are constantly increasing. We strive to keep our customers happy by offering quick delivery and at the best online prices. offering support after purchase speaks for itself.

-Investment Managrment

To support our goal of providing clients with strong, risk-adjusted returns and tailored solutions across our core competencies, Crypto Grant leverages the broader resources and our robust fundamental research and risk-management capabilities have been utilized across trading cycles and support our investment process and deal sourcing.

-Private Finance Solution

Crypto Grants is experienced in offering a variety of consulting service for more than 50 retirement plan platforms including 401(k), 403(b), 457, Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit and ESOPs. We service qualified plans with assets in excess of $70 Billion. Plus, Trading has excellent working relationships with dozens of investment companies so your provider likely already knows us. This inclusive market knowledge also helps us provide you with a global perspective that will help you create a solid mix of investment options in your plan.

Crypto Grant account is an investment platform that gives investors the opportunity to make money without trading themselves on forex or bitcoin Trading. The trading market is very mobile and can change its direction several times a day. To extraction of profit from every movement you need to clearly forecast the time and direction of each transaction. When you activate one of the investment plans you start receiving your daily ROI. You can choose to withdraw your profit weekly or monthly. Cryptocurrencies are NOT investments without investing on a platform and should not be treated as such. At this point, they are speculative vehicles. That does not mean one cannot and should not invest in them as long as you have a legit investment platform like Cryptogranttraders, just they should be clear what they would be doing which is speculation.

Visions & Missions :

1. To make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone..
2. To help finance your dreams in becoming independent.
3. To make cryptocurrency mining an easy, smart and rewarding experience for all
4. To setup a responsible business and facilitate cryptocurrency awareness.
5. Making you more confident in your ability to boost profits.

We stay updated about the major activities and players in the crypto mining space. For your queries, you can drop us a mail or chat with us.

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